American Pecans partners with Today’s Dietitian

The American Pecan Commission is working to get pecan nutrition facts and recipes to dietitians across the country.

“A survey, conducted by the APC earlier this year,
found that 91% of registered dietitians (RDs)
would include pecans in their recommendations if
they had recipes for including pecans in salads or
side dishes — so we’re here to deliver!
Throughout August, September and October, we
are partnering up with Today’s Dietitian, a
leading trade publication and media network, to
distribute American Pecans email e-blasts to
nearly 84,000 RDs and nutrition professionals all
across the country.
This series of e-blasts highlights the many ways
pecans can be incorporated into nutritious,
convenient and portion-controlled meals
year-round — whether it be tasty bowl recipes in
August, creative pecan breakfast ideas in
September or wholesome holiday cooking
through the end of the year. ”

-American Pecan Commission, August 2020 Newsletter