GA Ag Commodity Commission for Soybeans Approves Funding for Research & Promotion

From Growing Georgia

Friday, May 16th, 2014

The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Soybeans recently approved $213,910 in funding for a wide range of research projects as well as select promotional activities. At their March board meeting, the Commission reviewed and approved funding for eleven projects.

The research projects funded included: soybean production research, soybean stem canker research, the continuation of soybean IPM sentinel plots, development of RR2Y/LL soybean varieties, soybean variety evaluation, and continued research on kudzu bug resistance. In addition, the Commission approved funding in support of the Georgia Weather Network, the Georgia / Florida Soybean Association, and a new Extension soybean yield contest.

Like producers of other commodities, such as cotton, peanuts and dairy, Georgia’s soybean farmers collectively invest a portion of their revenue to fund research and promotion efforts. This collective investment is called a check-off. The soybean check-off is a nationwide effort supported entirely by soybean farmers with individual contributions of 0.5 percent of the market price per bushel sold each season.

Success for soybean farmers in today’s market takes more than just a good harvest. Increasing demand for soybeans is an essential part of the equation. The soybean check-off helps facilitate market growth and creation by funding research at land-grant universities as well as promotional efforts. In Georgia, more than 75% of the check-off funds collected go to fund research – which is crucial in the development of new varieties, improvements in production efficiency, and advancements in insect and disease management.

By investing in research and building demand, the U.S. soybean check-off helps ensure a strong and profitable future for soybean farmers in Georgia and across the nation.