It’s a Snacking Revolution and Nut Sales are on the Rise

Eating on-the-go is becoming the new norm in America as more people forgo “three square meals a day” in favor of serial snacking. With increasingly tight schedules, many people no longer have time to squeeze in three full meals; instead, they supplement by eating up to six small meals or snacks throughout the day, with the percentage of Americans eating at least three snacks a day up to 56% according to the Wall Street Journal.

This snacking revolution has spurred a rise in snack-food sales across the food industry, particularly those snacks with nutritious value. Healthy foods like nuts, yogurt and snack bars have seen the most noticeable surge in sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, nut sales, including pecans, have increased 162% since 2000. That’s nuts, right?

Americans’ new eating habits are shaking up the food industry. Companies are accommodating these new consumer demands by creating innovative snack products. Hormel, for instance, plans to release turkey stick packs and dried meat bites for those consumers who want a little bit of protein in their diet.

In addition, Sargento just released “Balanced Breaks,” little snack packs that include cheese, nuts and dried fruit. So short on time that you can’t even make a trip to pick up groceries? You can even have snack boxes filled with nuts and goodies delivered to your desk at work from companies like graze.

With all of these new snacks to choose from, it’s a wonderful time to be a serial snacker. Just make sure you’re choosing the right kinds of snacks! Watch the sugar, read the labels and choose nutritious foods that will keep you full longer, such as probiotic yogurt, dried fruits, nuts and cheese. And of course, you can never go wrong with pecans.