Pecan Center Shelling Out Ideas for New Products

Originally posted on Growing Georgia, August 14, 2014

By Martha A. Woodham, Center for Pecan Innovation

growinggeorgia cpi

The recently established center authorized UGA researchers led by Dr. William L. Kerr, professor and coordinator for the UGA Food Processing Research & Development Laboratory, to create two products with consumer-appeal using heart-healthy pecans. Eighty percent of the world’s pecan crop is produced in the U.S., and Georgia produces more pecans than any other state — an estimated 100 million pounds annually.

“We think there are lots of opportunities for pecans,” says Kerr. “What we are developing in conjunction with the Center for Pecan Innovation will be prototype products to show large food manufacturing companies what is possible with pecans.”

One of the first fruits of their labor comes from a graduate student who wants to create a snack for people who – like her – are intolerant to gluten.

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