Pecan Pie Predicts Presidential Elections?

We already knew pecans are versatile, but they may be the Punxatawny Phil of elections, too!

Have you ever been looking for something, maybe a recipe or photo, and fallen down the rabbit hole of the internet? Sometimes you find some honest to goodness strange stuff. But sometimes, you find a little gem that makes you go “hmmm.” Or “mmmmmm!”

Imagine my curiosity when I stumbled across an older blog post titled Pecan Pie: Gore’s Downfall? on a site that hasn’t been updated in over two years. First of all, how in the world could pie be Gore’s (or anybody’s for that matter) downfall? I thought pie was the magic substance that fixed all the problems of the world.

In the post, the author seems to have fallen down a rabbit hole of his own after reading the New York Times article about What’s Cooking On Thanksgiving.

He compares this map he found showing what states searched “Pecan Pie” the most…

Pecan Pie Heat Map

to the electoral college map of the 2000 election where Bush edged out Gore by only 4 electoral votes.

Bush Gore Electoral Map

Incidentally, the margin of defeat was the same number of electoral votes that the lone New England state of New Hampshire holds. Incidentally, that same state seems to love pecan pie.

I think this is proof enough that whatever party line you toe, it’s clear pecan pie is a winner!

Images: New York Times, Flagler County Elections