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Chefs and other culinary professionals know that pecans add flavor and flair to many types of dishes and courses, from the cocktail hour to the main entree to dessert. Pecans bring a toasty taste and crunchy texture to salads, meat and fish, side dishes and treats, and dishes made with pecans are becoming staples year round in the best restaurants in the United States and abroad.

Add healthy & tasty dishes to your menus

  • Nutrient-Dense

    Pecans are a good source of mono-unsaturated fat (the good kind) and are rich in antioxidants.

  • Fiber-Rich

    One ounce of pecans provides about 10 percent of your daily fiber requirements.

  • Gluten-Free

    Pecans are naturally gluten- and sodium-free, and contain 19 vitamins & minerals.

  • Flavorful

    Pecans add a toasty flavor and crunchy texture to all types of dishes.

Pecan Salad
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Reliably Local

Because pecans are grown right here in Georgia and 13 other states, chefs and restaurant owners who emphasize locally grown foods can source pecans from a supplier nearby. Here’s a list of suppliers ready to boost your dishes’ flavor and nutrition with pecans.


With Pecans, Dinner is Solved

America’s home cooks are more adventurous and savvy than ever, and that includes cooking with extraordinary ingredients like pecans. These cooks want healthful choices like gluten-free, heart-healthy pecans to take recipes far beyond pies and desserts. And they want to find the right ingredients they need in their local grocery stores.

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