Think Beyond the Pie: Non-Food Uses for Pecans

Many of the pecan innovations that we?ve been sharing are food-based, mainly because pecans are delicious, nutritious and versatile. And we can all agree that pecans are definitely food, right?

Well, this versatility isn?t just in how many ways the pecan can be eaten but the many ways it can be used overall. In honor of Earth Month, here are a few ways that pecans can be used that don?t involve breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks:

  1. The strong, sturdy wood of a pecan tree can be used to make furniture, much like its close relative, hickory.
  2. Pecans can be used as a flavor-enhancing charcoal at your next BBQ.
  3. Those durable pecan shells can be ground down into an abrasive cleaner and used to clean machinery and polish things like wood, soft metals and plastics.
  4. ?Ground pecan shells can be used to filter minerals from water
  5. Lightweight pecan oil can be used for massages or as a general skin moisturizer.

What are some non-food oriented ways that you think may work for pecans?