USDA Announces New Pecan Marketing Order

“Pecan growers now have a Pecan Marketing order to promote pecans around the world. Like all commodity marketing orders pecan growers will pay an assessment which will be used to support and promote pecans around the world. It should result in higher prices for growers everywhere. It will promote research for growers in all fifteen states where they are produced. In spite of the fact that in shell and shelled nut exports have been on the rise since 2011 there are a lot of places that don’t even know what a pecan is. Including some places here in the United States. In fact, research has been declining in recent years. China is the best export market, but efforts are being made to build those markets in India, Turkey and other countries. Best of all, people right here in America will learn more about pecans.” – Everett Griner for Agri View, Southeast AgNet


Pecan Marketing Order