Growing Georgia – USDA Holding Meetings about Marketing Order for Pecans

Growing Georgia, Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015; By Allison Floyd

People love to snack on pecans whether they are raw or roasted, cooked into a confection or swirled into butter pecan ice cream.

So, why do consumers gobble up 10 times as many almonds? Some in the industry think it’s because almond growers have spent more to promote their product.

“The almond industry is spending $20 million a year in promotion, while the walnut industry is spending millions. The pistachio people have grown from $400,000 a year (in promotion) a few years ago to $10 million and they have seen significant consumption increase,” Mike Adams, the president of the American Pecan Board, told a group at Clemson University earlier this year.

Pecan producers could vote as early as next year to set up their own a federal marketing program that could promote the crop, as well as provide funding for data collection and research.

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