About the Georgia Pecan Commission

The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Pecans, also known as the Georgia Pecan Commission, funds research, educational, and promotional programs in order to increase demand for Georgia pecans, America’s nut. Founded in 1995 by Georgia pecan growers, the commission raises awareness of the nutritional, health and economic benefits of pecans as a regular part of the American diet, resulting in increased sales and trade opportunities for pecan growers in Georgia.

Georgia is the nation’s top producer of pecans, producing an estimated 100 million pounds of pecans annually. Pecans add between $200 million and $300 million each year to the state’s gross domestic product.

Georgia’s pecan industry includes growers and shellers, aggregators (businesses that buy from multiple producers and sell in bulk to others) and brokers (who also buy in bulk but sell in response to market demand). The Georgia Pecan Commission works with all of these groups to promote the consumption of pecans domestically and internationally.


Georgia Pecan Commission

Board Members
  • Thomas L. Mason, Chairman
    Mason Pecan
    Fort Valley
  • Lanair Worsham Jr., Vice Chairman
    Worsham Farms
  • R.G. Lamar
    Lamar Pecan Company
  • Mark Cook
    Cook Pecan Company
  • Roy Goodson
    Goodson Pecans
Ex-Officio Board Members
  • Gary W. Black
    Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Gerald Long
    Georgia Farm Bureau President
  • Buddy Leger
  • Russ Moon